Learn a Bit About Bike Talk!

Bicycling is fun! As more and more people are into bicycling, a certain lingo has been developed just for fun. At first, I was not really aware that even bicyclist have their own lingo or terms for bicycling. Want to know them?

Here are some of the cycling lingos that I believe are awesome and cool:

  • Aero: Aerodynamic – could apply to the neighbor’s sweet, aero time trial bike or your buddies’ super aero position, crouched over, hands in the drops.
  • Baby heads: Rocks in the trail that are small size rocks.
  • Battle scars: Permanent reminders of that crash when you ruined your new bike.
  • Bike geek: Someone who is constantly riding a bike, talking about riding a bike, buying the latest bikes and accessories, reading about buying the latest bikes and accessories.
  • Bonk: To run out of energy (also “to crash” or “hit the wall”).
  • Brain bucket: A helmet.
  • Bubba truck: A driver who is rude to cyclists. Cyclists stereotype these drivers as someone who should be driving a large diesel pick-up.
  • Cadence: The (hopefully smooth) rhythm of the crank arms (which attach pedals to bike) when pedaling –commonly called spinning.
  • To crank: Pedal like your life depends it – or to squeeze out some serious distance on a ride.
  • Death ride: The kind that is supposed to be short and easy but ends up long. Headwinds and lack of proper quantity of energy food often included.
  • Drafting: A technique for saving energy and staying out of the wind by staying in the slipstream behind another rider (or being “on their wheel”).
  • Drops/in the drops: The downward curving part of racing handlebars which facilitate an aerodynamic riding position – when you’re “in the drops” you’re getting aero.
  • Granny gear: The lowest available front and rear chain ring. Think about the gear you need to keep riding instead of walking up a mountain pass.
  • Hammerfest: A long, exhausting session of hammering often led by one individual or in a headwind.
  • Hammering/to hammer: To pedal hard for a long, long time. Also called “big ringing it.”
  • In the zone: The euphoric state all riders strive to achieve while riding; biking Zen.
  • Jaunt: An easy ride; not a good verb to use while bragging.
  • MTB: Mountain biking, the act of.
  • No fall zone: A critical section where a fall could result in serious injury and/or death.
  • Road geek/roadie: A road cyclist.
  • Road pizza: Road kill.
  • Road rash: Painful scabs/rash on hips, thighs and/or butt (usually) courtesy of extended contact with a paved surface.
  • Steed/rig: Your bike.
  • Ti: Slang for a titanium bike.
  • Tri-geek: A person obsessed with triathlons to the same extent a bike geek is addicted to bikes; a tri-athlete.
  • Throw down the hammer: To crank on the pedals suddenly, flying down the road like the cops are chasing you in a stolen car. Your buddies, stunned, just got dropped.
  • Tricked out: A bike decked out with the most expensive, high-tech and newest gadgets.
  • Used and abused: The feeling at the end of the ride, when you’re tanked, whooped or beat and ready to inhale three cheeseburgers, a milkshake and four large fries.


Aren’t they awesome? Not only are these lingos smart made but also fun to use. If ever you will go with your friends to have some fun bicycling, do try these terms and definitely the people around you will get confused. Take it from me, I tried almost all these terms and the people definitely were dumbfounded.

The 7 Fitness Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one of the best forms of simple, low-cost exercises available out there. As a kid, all one ever wants is a bicycle! Many even used it to go to the school and the pride of owning a cycle was clear for everyone to see. But things change with time and now most people prefer bikes and cars. But let’s not forget that even today, cycling still continues to be one of the best forms of exercise.

Here are the 7 fitness benefits of cycling:

  1. Low impact on joints: Unlike walking or running, there is no uncomfortable jarring of joints in bicycling, so any person, of any weight, can get on a bike and start pedaling. I have a fragile body and I can totally feel that I may have weak joints. But as I started using my bicycle from time to time, I feel that my joints are much more trained and stronger.
  2. It builds your largest muscles: Bicycling works out your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, the largest muscles in your body. For every extra pound of muscle, your body will burn an extra 50 calories per day at rest. So bicycling allows you to build up your muscle mass to burn more calories a day, even when you are not actually on the bike. On the heavier side, cycling can help you reduce weight.
  3. Builds strength: Bicycling is not just an exercise for the legs. Contrary to general perceptions, cycling helps in building strength in a holistic manner. Whenever I am bicycling, all of my strengths and muscles are working, it’s like they are working with each other and it makes them stronger.
  4. It burns a ton of calories: Bicycling is one of the most efficient calorie-burning exercises out there. At a recreational pace of 13 to 15 MPH, you will burn 500 to 600 calories in one hour! This means that if you bike for one hour a day, every day of the week, that’s 3500 calories, or a whole pound of fat burned away. I can testify to this as I weigh 50 kg but after I did bicycling for almost 3 weeks, I have reduced my weight to 45 kg. A total of 5 kg was reduced!
  5. Build cardiovascular endurance: Many people find bicycling for one hour much more manageable than jogging for one hour. It improves your breathing and your heart beat in a steady manner. Cycling also uses the largest muscle group, the legs, and raises the heart rate.
  6. Improves body co-ordination: As you cycle more and more, your body starts synchronising the moves and your arm to leg, and body to eye co-ordination improves.
  7. Builds stamina: Cycling builds your stamina even without your knowledge as once you start enjoying it you do not realise that you have gone further than original capacity.


Do try to use your bicycle from time to time. As you continue from using it, see for yourself the fitness change it will result to your body. I guarantee you will never use your car anymore because of this fitness benefit.

Bicycling Equipment That You May Need

Your bicycle will be all about your preferences. Aside from it, you must also take note of the quality of the equipment’s that you will be choosing. It is up to you if you will follow these equipment’s that I am suggesting.


Of course you will have to have bicycle. How will you cycle of if you don’t have one, right? Anyway, there are a lot of bicycle types out there. You should be able to choose base from your comfort ability other than your preference. I chose a bicycle that is high, a mountain bike


A helmet is a bargain in injury prevention. I experienced having almost a head injury once when I refused to wear a helmet and boy, I did regret it. We must not take any chance of any accidents that may occur because having any accidents can lead to a serious circumstance. Head injury is a very common result of a crash when cycling, and is what the helmet is designed to protect against.

Rear-view Mirror

A rear-view mirror can be helpful when manoeuvring in traffic especially when you are driving a long distance on high ways and in the city. There will be a lot of vehicles around you and seeing them from your rear-view mirror can help you prevent any accidents.

Bicycling Gloves

Fingerless cycling gloves improve your comfort on long rides by cushioning your hands against road shock from the handlebars. They also protect your hands in case of a fall. Also, my hands are always sweaty and whenever I keep holding on to my bicycle, it will get really watery and this is why I always put on bicycling gloves on to keep the steering wheel dry.

Bike Lights

Essential during the dark winter nights to keep you safe and visible are LED bike lights, low energy and high visibility

Trouser Protection

To secure your trousers and keep chain dirt off them, simply wear socks that reach above your ankles and tuck your trousers into them. Although I usually don’t wear trousers during bicycling. I am not really comfortable moving with trousers on. I mostly wear cycling shorts.


A small tool kit, tire patch kit and frame pump — and the knowledge to use them — will get you back on the road when your bike has a flat tire or other common minor breakdowns. Yes, just like a car, you also need to have these tools. Don’t worry because unlike car tools, most bicycle on-road repairs are simple and easy to learn.


A frame-mounted water bottle lets you drink as you ride — important on any trip of more than an hour. A small handlebar bag or rack-mount bag will hold your tools, extra clothing, maps and other items you take with you on your rides. A bag on the bike is a far better choice than a backpack, which will leave your back hot and sweaty in warm weather.


Buy a good lock. Lock your bicycle’s frame and any quick-release parts, or take them with you. I do carry a lot of locks whenever I park in some places. It’s better to keep my bicycle secure rather than just leaving it unsecured.

My equipment’s for bicycling? Well these are most of them. I hope I have given you information’s as to what equipment’s you may be needing. There may be other equipment’s out there that I have not mentioned but these for me are all I need.

The Bike Life


I love my bike. Being able to bike is certainly one of the best achievements that I have achieved. Learning how to bike was not easy. It was all thanks to my father. When I was a kid aged 6 years old, he already taught me how to bike. After biking, he taught me how to balance it. I am so glad that I started to learn biking at a young age because in these age, children are more flexible and adventurous. They are not afraid to try something new as well as learn a new one. Because of this, during those times that I was trying to learn how to bike, I was actually challenged and at the same time, I had fun. Whenever I stumble or even fall from a fail balance, I was not afraid to try it again. I was not afraid to fail again. And this was actually a good way to learn.

The first time that I had started to ride my bike, I felt excited. I was going to learn something new but as you would know, learning how to bike if don’t know how to balance it is really hard. But I kept going on. I kept practicing and practicing. I was enjoying it.

I can actually feel many different things when I am on bike. Just cycling around the neighbourhood makes me get familiarized with our subdivision. I got the advantage. Aside from being able to memorize our subdivision, I am able to get sporty as well as fit in my body, it’s a win-win situation. But aside from all those, what exactly are my reasons that I love cycling?

Cycling is freedom

“The unique feeling I have on a bike is the freedom I feel wherever I am or wherever I am going. I never feel obliged to take the same route when I am on a cycle path. I can choose to go where my will takes me.” - Peter Polycarpou

Yes, that definitely explains what I am feeling whenever I ride my bike.

Travelling by bike is actually pretty quick

I don’t have to wait for public transportations to be able to get to where I want to go. It saves my time from waiting and avoid public transportations to constantly stop to load and unload passengers.

It makes you fit

Bicycling is also a form of exercising. I am already using my bike whenever I go to the office. For 6 months of using it, you can definitely see the results.

It makes you feel better

Whenever I feel depressed, bad or not in the mood, I bike. It can actually lighten up my mood. I don’t know why but it definitely worked for me.

It saves you money

It’s a bike, you own it. No more gasoline and no more fuel charge. It’s free!

You can get back to nature and you can stop and take in your surroundings
While biking, you can explore nature and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

It is an adventure

It is good for the environment

Since it doesn’t use gasoline, fuel and other harm chemicals, it’s totally safe for the environment.

Over all, I enjoy bicycling because it’s fun! Do try the experience of bicycling. It will never disappoint you.

Have fun. And stay safe!

-Arthur Schmidt